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Adarga Knowledge Platform® is providing organisations with a transformational competitive edge. It supports analysts, planners and decision makers in discovering the deep and critical insights that drive faster, better and more informed decisions.

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The Adarga Knowledge Platform transforms productivity and extends human capability by automating time and knowledge-intensive tasks. It uses cutting-edge AI techniques to understand and analyse data such as text, voice and video, at speed, fusing it into a single, secure platform. This includes data from within your organisation or external sources.

By drawing a rich and interconnected picture from all of the information, Adarga's Knowledge Platform identifies complex relationships and hidden connections which you can then explore in Adarga’s intuitive user interface, Adarga Bench

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Adarga was founded in 2016. We are based in London and Bristol.

Adarga’s vision is to augment and empower human knowledge-intensive processes through the application of machine learning techniques, enabling our customers to make better and smarter decisions today.

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Innovation is at the heart of our business. We’re using the latest advances in data science and engineering and putting them to work in the real world.

Join our world-class team in central London or Bristol and help us in solving our customers most complex data challenges.

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