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The Challenge


Reinsuring over £2 trillion of terrorism risk exposure requires a lot of data, and our customer’s data flow to risk analysts and senior decision-makers was constant and substantial.

Business-critical decisions are made on the analysis of this data: accuracy and speed are paramount.

Our customer was seeking to make data analysis more accurate without compromising on speed. They were seeking an AI solution to support the decision-making process so vital to their data-driven business.

Our Solution


The Adarga Knowledge Platform™ puts users in control of the masses of historical and new data available to them, enabled by AI and machine learning features to make querying and navigating data easy.

  • The platformed ingested the customer’s internal data including PDFs, Powerpoint and Word files, as well as web sources.

  • The customer used our Knowledge Platform™ to create a dynamic interface that automatically tagged and reclassified data – something that was previously done manually.

  • Our platform tagged all the key entities and relationships between those entities, creating a searchable in-house resource for analysis via our powerful reporting tools.

  • Query tools enabled users to seek answers to specific questions, whilst auto-generated abstractive summaries highlighted key points at speed.

  • Relationships and hidden connections were surfaced via the Knowledge graph in seconds.

The Results


The Adarga Knowledge Platform became the single platform that met all the customer’s data, information and analysis requirements.

  • Productivity was transformed with millions of existing entities, documents and relationships identified, searched, and analysed at a speed, scope and scale previously unimaginable.

  • The rapid production of detailed, fully referenceable reports cut straight to the critical information required to make key operational decisions and stay on top of fast-moving situations.

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