Adarga’s Artificial Intelligence technology allows you to analyse vast volumes of data more quickly and accurately

Actionable Intelligence

Adarga builds powerful analytical software, automating time-intensive tasks for our customers, learning by reading and understanding data at speeds humans are unable to achieve. Adarga connects your objectives to real world insights and transforms the value customers can uncover in their data.


Adarga leverages the latest advances in machine learning and scalable engineering within a flexible plug-and-play microservices architecture.

Our technology enables organisations to adopt advanced end-to-end AI analytics, simply, securely and at scale, without large upfront investment.

Adarga focusses on sector-specific verticals to deliver sector-leading performance. Our first sector is Defence and Intelligence, other sectors will be announced shortly.


The intelligence discovery tool for analysts

Adarga Bench allows users to explore and analyse all of their data in a single, intuitive software platform.

Users can search across all of their organisations unstructured data sources, through a seamless, collaborative and auditable workflow.

Data inputs are updated continuously and new, important insights pushed to users.

Adarga Bench is delivered as a browser based software-as-a-service tool and allows users to experience, discover and visualise the analytical power of the Adarga Engine.

The AI platform for enterprise analytics

Adarga Engine enables organisations to analyse their enterprise unstructured data using powerful machine learning technology, in a single end-to-end product with a flexible connection into internal systems.

Adarga Engine provides organisations access to powerful natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) capabilities in a cloud based, “self-service” analytics platform to reveal the structure, meaning and insight contained in files, web content, emails and other unstructured documents.

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